Name Xkalibur
Sex Male
Age 200
Species Unknown
Occupation Marshall Lee's Equal/Surpasser
Xkalibur is Marshall Lee's nemesis. Not much info is given about him now-a-days


Xkalibur is a genetically-altered humanoid that was basically made to be the only being capable of defeating ML. But he was flawed, and the time-radiation that had meant to be used to create an identical Marshall Lee had backfired, creating a white-skinned, silver-haired vesion of Marshall. This mutation gave Xkalibur exteme mutation, even enough to where he was missing an eye, and arm, his heart, and both of his legs. Thrown away, because he was a reject, the mutagenic husk managed to crawl to a time-traveling man that would turn out to be his worst enemy, Marshall Lee. Marshall took him in and had to replaced his missing body parts with cybernetics, including anti-gravity robot legs, and a multi-versal, interstellar-time opener as his new arm. His heart replacement is cybernetically wired to his arm, allowing time energy to flow through his body, so his heart and body can run on "time itself".

After some events that took place hundreds of years later, Xkalibur and Marshall Lee began a mysterious rivalry. Although they can still manage to work together.

Now, powerful enough to tear through time like an exacto-knife on a tissue, Xkalibur is ready to take on his lifelong foe, and destroy Marshall Lee from his past to his future!



Hair: Silver

Skin: White

Height: 5'5

Weight: 160 lbs.


Hair: Blonde

Skin: Peach

Height: 5'11

Weight: 215 lbs.



Time radiation blaster-arm

Regular arm

Super Strength(lifts up to 456 lb.)


Hovers due to his anti-gravity robo-legs

Tendacy to "loose his cool" even though it's bad for his heart.

And a temper to be reckoned with!


  • Xkalibur and Marshall Lee's relationship is the similar to that of The Doctor and The Master from "Doctor Who"

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