Two is a doctor that is a werewolf.he is the team medic.


He is very sarcastic always making a sarcastic comment when he has a chance. He also is very cynical.his sarcasm and cynicism tends to rub off on people, when ever they spend enough time around him they become sarcastic and cynical. He also has post tramatic stress syndrome.

==apearence=\ He looks twenty one to twenty five as a human and 18 as a werewolf(though he is actually way older).he wears a black jacket and a white shirt,blue jeans and tan loafers.he has blond hair as a human.a common joke about his apearence as a human is that he looks so much like Finn hey call him Finn on purpose


Healing/imortality:he is imortal.he is classified as the oldest living werewolf.he can heal from any injury even total destruction of his body.he is tje only immortal werewolf.he uses his medical knowledge because using his healing powers on some one else would turn them immortal as well.two doesnt like his immortality because when he heal it hurts worse than anything is suggested he is only half werewolf and half vampire explaning the immortality

Strength:he has a bit more strength than the average human but being a bitten werewolf he is only slightly strong than a human

Medical knowledge:being a doctor he knows alot about healing people.

Bravery:since two will always be alive he is unafraid of anything


Marshall lee:he and marshall are very good friends,even calling themselves is unkown if they are actually brothers or they are exaggerating since its suggested two is half vampire.

Marceline:marceline hates is unknown why.

Pg:two loathes pg more than silver,marsh,and flame prince combined every episode that has two in it he is seeb hurting pg (except for halloween time)

Pb:they are great is siggested two helped pb with some thong when she was young.

Finn:two seems to treat finn like a son because finn reminds two of how he was when he was young.

Fionna:they have a master aprentice one episode two proves finn and fionna arnt related though.

Jake:they have a mutual hate for each other. Two looks for ways to annoy example was when ywo learned jake was very religous two made.a fact of his own atheism(yes two is an atheist)

Cake:cake seems to fear him.

Alice:they are nutreal

Paris:he treats her kindly when he finds out something very special about her that could change the world.something about being the worlds last hope

Ak:a constant patient of his considering how many explosions ak is shown that two has some skills as a mechanic because he fixes robo up for ak.

Kitten princess:since he is the ambassodor to her kingdom he tries to stay on good ground with her.

Symin:he is twos lawyer.

All the trolls:they fear hm and call him the oncomming storm.apearently last time he was annoyed by a troll he went all rambo.

Silver:they are close friends

Robo:he fixes up robo alot.when ak is being healed he lets robo play with his own mechanical dog called k-9.robo has been given a few upgrades in secret by two.something about a spaceship mode.

James:james and two are nutreul. Though james calls him by the oncomming storm as well.

Ice king:they are enemies

Ice queen:he finds ice queen a minor threat.


K-9 is a robot dog two invented after watching an episode of classic doctor who.k-9 is also the only robot with a soul.

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