Troll Kings castle
Once, in the land of Ooo,there was a very dark, sick king named Lollipop king.

he had one big, bad army of pissed of goats, and had plenty of citizens.

but, as almost all stupid fanfics, something terrible was about to happen.

something that would kill one nation, but create another.

even though our king(and i use the word ``king`` loosely) had one epic army of epic proportions, the defense was mediocre, and wizards were few.

our stupid ``king`` thougt that he was safe from all caos around him,but damn, he was wrong wrong WRONG.

cause when the lich awoke, when every kingdom had moved of, the foolish king thought he was unstoppable.

and,sooner or later, he was wrong.

the lich, and his army, crushed the poor citizens, killed all the goats, slained all the wizards, and completely demolished the whole poor kingdom.

but were was the king? many asked.

they looked, and looked, and looked, all over the land of Ooo,but they couldnt find the body.

but, as time passed on, the kingdom remains died of, and another kingdom broke the dead lands.


but, as you might have guessed, the king was far, far, faaar from dead.

and, as you have probably guessed, THE KING ONCE RETUNED.

but, that, my dear friend, is a story for another time.


by S.S