Classy princess Aradia

The Butter Kingdom is Princess Aradia's home. More yet to come.

The Butter Kingdom is ruled under a monarchy. Princess Aradia and her parents are the current rulers.

Ghost Prince is the most common visitor to visit the kingdom, he often visits to see his love Aradia.

Known butter people

  • Princess Aradia- dresses like a normal teenage girl
  • Bacon dog (bacon dog may be butter dog/sausage dog)
  • Waffle cat
  • Butter King- dresses with lunch/dinner clothes
  • Butter Queen- dresses in breakfast clothes
  • Butterscotch Butler (butter butler)
    Butter Butler...

    Butter Butler


  • A picture of the butter kingdom is coming soon!
  • Their ruler is Princess Aradia
  • All the royal living things in the Butter Kingdom have orange splatters

Butter People pics

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