Sunset 2



Permission granted by Happy Smoothie


Sunset has reddish-pink hair on the right, and orange-tan on the left. She has a pearly white natural glow, and a simple white horn. She wears a bright pink tube top/ brassiere, with peach panties and stockings, they all have white lace at the brims. She also wears peach and pink silk around her waist and hands. Finally, her tail is gray, with pink and orange fluff at the end.


Soothing Voice: She can use her voice to lure people in

Flirtatious Hair-Flipping: She can flip her hair to get extra attraction

Expert in Lingerie: Can make lingerie clothes for herself and other people


She will do anything to get people to like her. She likes being revealed. She's known to steal other people's boyfriends.




  • She refuses for her weight to go over 100 lbs., but she is 98 lbs.
  • Sunset has had many relationships with none getting past a month
  • She is a rainicorn humanoid, which means she can turn from a rainicorn back to a human
  • She has no catchphrase
  • When enlarged, her eyes are purple, with pink, hot pink, and dark purple eyeliner


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