Stalker Next Door






Paris the Adventurer



Stalker Next Door is the sixth episode after AT:Wrath of Austin.


A candy man that moved in next door may have a criminal record, and all the girls have the same dreams.


  • Alice
  • Paris
  • Katie
  • Marcelina
  • Willis/Villish/Old Candy Guy/Sven Skeare/Lollipop King
  • Andy
  • AK1
  • Rob-o
  • Booboo


The crew is hanging out at the WWC when Marshal gives another speech.

Marshal Lee: Okay guys I'm leaving for a few days be good or I'll call Marceline and tell her to mail you to Lollipop King. Oh and theres a new guy moving next door,introduce yo selves me homies. Bye forever!

Next only Alice,Marcelina,Paris,Isabella,Andy and Rob-o are at the WWC.

Alice:Okay lets go!

Paris:Wait! He did't even say bye!!Awww..:(

They go next door and see some old guy dressed in candy spraying his poptart cat with a licorice hose and only one arm.


Andy:Hello sir welcome to-

Katie: Can we have some of your candy!?! I mean-welcome to our nierborhood!

Old Candy Guy: Hallow. Mah name jiz Villish.


Old Candy Guy/Villish(?):No no,VILLISH.



Marcelina:Yea yea later Villish.

Alice:I think his name is Willis..Nice to meet you sir I love your attire and your home.It was nice meeting you!

Willis/Villish/Old candy guy:Here takes shum cawnday faw yaw frens lil swee ee gal ya niv kit-en

Paris:Hm.. Hey lets watch a movie. Okay, Kill Bill,Extremly Loud Incredibly Close, Hangover 3,or-

Katie:Paris we've seen ALL of those! And they arent very pleasant.

Andy: And all the Hangovers are the same! Except like only SMALL CHANGES!!

Paris:Fine. So Kill Bill it is.

LATER: (11:09)

Alice: Can I spend the night at the WWC? My house is being cleaned cause Booboo spread Caphyrolicoticus.

Booboo: Harumphff...Then I guess I'll just sleep at the laundry mat so i can get cleaned.>:(

Marcelina: Yea sure, I'm sleeping here too..I'm so tired I could fall into the Nightosphere and not even know.

Katie:Ha-Me toooo!

Ak1:Me and Rob-o can't though because we're planning to capture ThunderKing..

Andy: Oh Katie meet us at the coffee shop at Candy Kingdom before 9.Its kinda like a girl sleepover..

Katie:Okay Andy, Goodnight!


The girls stood watching as they stood at a messy table.


She couldn't move,and niether could the girls.They were on the ground now and thier visions faded and unreal. The table was now filled with nuclear misssles,arrows, war helmets,and every gun you could imagine.



The room is now darker several goat legs hanging on the walls and dolphin bodies hanging.

Paris:Oh my lumpin' lollipop--

Willis is on the table staring at the girls.(Mostly Marcelina) when he says--


Marcelina starts breating heavily and her eyes go purple and black and she rises angrily unleashing a horibble power thats like unexplainible.

Marcelina:Tronesius Ontono Marvana!!

Then she falls on the others and when they go outsisde,they see earth-horible clouds-and most of all THE MUSHROOM WAR.


The girls are in the air as they slowly pass out.


Everyone has a sad look on thier face.

Paris:This day is suckle.


Alice:I had the worst dream-it was so sad.

Katie:Yeah me too-we were all there and umm--there were war thingies everywhere and that guy was there too.

Paris:Wait-what?Okay fo cereal i am NOT kidding I had a dream like that too.

Isabella:I know right?dreams suck.

Alice:I don't think your crazy. We might have all had the same dream.

Paris:Wheres Marcelina?Maybe we can ask her?

Katie goes in Marcelinas room *screaming* and comes back super freaked out.

Katie:Shes having-a bad day.I guess.

Marcelina:Will you guys please be quiet.Trying to sleep or whatever..

Alice:Marcelina-are you okay? We had a dream and we want to know if--


She goes outside and Isabella goes with her.

Isabella:Umm I'm sorry...

Marcelina: No I am-I shoudnt get out of control like that-IM sorry.

Isabella:Umm-That cat is staring at us.

They look at Willis' cat as it starts eating its poptart body and they gasp.

Both:That is SICK.


Andy:Where were you guys?

Katie:We all had the same dream.I think Willis is evil.

Ak1:He is not! He gave me and Rob-oa huge pack of tools!


Andy:Yea see? Hes cool.

Paris:He is really wierd! In our dream-he mad Marcelina tottally angry and he said Ive been waiting for YOU ALICE..!?THAT is WIERD.

Waiter:Willis?Naw-he super cool and awesome..He built this shop and we have a order menu based on him..Like-Willis cat soup or Willis walrus blubber cookies..

Andy:I'll get some!(Rob-o and Ak1 agree)

Waiter:Oh-kay then *squeals* [then he skips away and bringes them cookies with Willlis' face on them.

Alice: Paris! Why-what are you doing!?

Paris:Sorry-Mmm- Cant help myself around--cookies..


Marcelina:I..I don't even think I could--do that.

Rune:Eh-you do wierd things in your sleep.Like one time you gave me all your cereal at midnight and in the morning you were yelling at my because you thought I took it.

Marcelina:Oh-sorry bout that..

Rune:Hey,I think that guy named Willis like,stalking us.

Marcelina:Why do you say--?

Marcelina turns around and Willis is at the enterance of the cave .

Willis:Hallow miz aw nedded som--ah halp wit mah caw an mah noo sopfa.


Marcelina comes and helps Willis with his sofa but when she is finish Rune is in the car.

Marcelina:Rune what are you doing!?

Rune:That guy said there was candy in here..

Marcelina:No,Rune,theres no candy please get out..

Willis:Eee caw shtay ear if ha wunt mam tawnk yah ary muk.

Marcelina:Hes MY brother,a your a creepy guy who kidnapps little boys and girls like me and my friends-So PLEASE go away.

Willis:Fy,bu i ta yo lil bratah ma kay aw we unsta chutuh?


Willis drives off but Rune is still in the car.Marcelina catches up but Willis says he took Rune because she said he could go to the scrounge ball with him.

Marcelina:Fine.But if he isnt at this same stop at 8:30 exactly,I will rage.

Then,the boys left,and Marcelina was all alone.


Katie:Now,RUNE likes him!!?!

Marcelina:Yep...Bribed him with candy,scrounge ball cards WITH SIGNATURES,and a phone...!!

Alice:Oh wow.

Paris:I bet he has a criminal record. Ooo! Imma check now.

Alice:You can do that on your iThin?

Paris:Yeparoo,hey,whadda ya know..Sven Skeare,fake name:Willis Weryd Walrus..Kidnapper,phycical abuse towards goats and killed his wife Alison or Alice(a wizard) and attempted to murder his ex-girlfriend Lollipop Girl?!!


Katie:Ooooooo,Alice has a new lover---

Marcelina:Well,Alice, he could actully have had a past with Alison and think of you as Alison..-We'll keep you safe.


Alice:Look at him-that-that---(!!!)

Paris:I know Alice-hes a *Marcelina banging on pans(as sensors)*cinnamon roll

Marcelina and Paris leave to go to the store to bake some junk while Katie and Alice are still watching Willis from the 2nd floor.)) Katie:I'm gonna read for a while, keep this note pad to see if he does anything suspicious..

34 MINUTES LATER: Willis is throwing and yelling at his dogs as usual when he goes in his open barn and takes off a humanoid mask that reavels a lollipop head.

Alice:Oh My Glob.

Katie:Huh? Whus he doing? (walks over)

Willis enters the WWC but girls dont notice because theyre so shocked.

Willis/Lollipop King(?)/Sven:Heye gals seent Para ana wa neatoo tawk. fow ce we o.

Alice:GET OUT OUR HOUSE CREEP!!!!!!!!!!! *calls 911*(Paris and Marcelina walk in)

Paris:What the cheese are you doing mang!!!!!!!!!!

Willis:Ahhhh--Para--*takes off mask and kidnaps Paris while grabbing Alice*

Paris:HEY!!!!!!!!!!Err*elbows Willis but feels nothing* Huh???

Katie and Marcelina are pushed and Marcelina bumps her head SUPER hard as Ketie does..

Both: Owowwwww!ow ow owww!

Paris and Alice:Ahhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Heeeelll----------

Katie and Marcelina are knocked out with some wierd bottle while Paris and Alice are stuffed in a crowded car with thier freaky nieghbor..


Paris: I swear Lollipop King!!!--I will come over there and choke your stupid stick body with my flippin chains!

Alice:Yeaaaaaa!!!!!!Me too!! Ya butt head! I mean-- LolliPOOP King!!

Lollipop King: Shut it funk-heads. shut it before I LEG OF GOAT brain wash you..

Paris:Grrrr...........................*mummbles* I lumpin'.

Alice bumps into Paris to get her attention..Alice figures if the car is made of food,they can escape easy.

Paris: Hey LolliPOOP King,going to rest now..Happy Crud Nugget dreams about all lamb spleens.

Lollipop King: LEG OF GOAT,man. The cow is in the space of a thousand -THE WALL..

Paris and Alice pretend to sleep but are really biting until they reach--THE BROCCOLI PART OF THE CAR.

Alice:*whispers* Paris?Just eat through the broccoli!

Paris:No!! Just--stomp on it or something or use your magical stuff!!! *whispers*

Alice: I cant were in chains!!! Besides, I left my pouch at home. WHAT IS SO BAD ABOUT BROCCOLI ANYWAY!?!?!!? *whispering*

Paris:No no no ,I am the pickiest person you-will-EVER-meet..Either bite without me or go Beatrice Kiddo on him.

Alice:Beatrice Kiddo?You mean the girl in Kill Bill?! Whatever--I'm biting through the car so we CAN GET OUT.

Paris:Fine. Be that way..*starts struggling* *grasps LK's neck*

Lollipop King: FUNK OFF MY NECK!!!!!! >:(

Then there is this crazy fight scene while Alice is quicly biting her way out of the broccoli part of the car.Lollipop king is grabbing Paris a tieing her hands n feet to the car seat but then BAM a cow..That was the last they remembered..


All the girls are at WWC wondering what the LUMP happened last night..(LK MIGHT have brainwashed them)

Melyanda: So this guy is like a stalker huh?

Marcelina:I have NO idea what happened last night we might have passed out cause were so tired??

Alice:yeaa maybe...hey the boys are coming right?maybe we can bust----omi glob.

Paris: Huh-squat is it??----OH MY SHIEB...Look--*points to a recording camera*

Marcelina:Thats the camera we were playing with on Friday!! Which means-

Melyanda:We have evidence!!!!

Katie:Yussssss!!!!!!! And we have some at the cave,the library,kitchen.... Yay!