All the mermaids

Calpurnia (Blue, Zoey (purple), and Brock (white) are some examples

The Ocean Kingdom has 4 parts of land (shown below). Here live merpeople with many different cultures than others.

Ocean Kindom's Fractioned lands:

  • The blue side (Most wealthy)
  • The purple side (2nd class)
  • The red side (3rd class)
  • The white side (Hobos of the kingdom)

Apperances of Mer-people

All the mermaids of the blue side have rainbow fins, the purple mermaids have golden fins, red mermaids have silver fins, and white mermais have bronze fins. The royalty of all the kingdoms have golden tails; just like Calpurnia of the blue kingdom. To indicate what color side they are from they all wear seashells in the same color, like IDs, it's optional for girls to wear flowers, and boys to have goggles. Even crown jewels if wealthy.

If they do not like their kingdom they can apply for a new one by giving 5 gifts of the corresponding color of the side they desire to the king; a seashell, rock from the deepest trench, an item from a human, a fish scale, and a piece of their own tail for sacrifice.

Meaning colors of each land piece

The meaning of the kingdoms are: blue because they live by the sky, they have sunlight and plants. Purple: Deep in the ocean, where utensils are, like pots and housing tools. Red is by the life source as in blood, they live by fish and such. White has emotions, but nothing else. All these cities have different things that they all need, so they steal from each other. They're all at war and won't be settling, or grow as one again any time soon.