New Molly


14 (Infinite)

Permission granted for this page by HappySmoothieo3o and Brozoco~


Molly has turquoise hair daily, and black hair when she uses her powers. Bandages on her face (thorn accident) and around her bust (she can move more freely like this). She wears blue and yellow shorts, pink thigh-length socks, and a strawberry necklace.


One-with-The-Earth: She can make strawberries grow instantly from the ground

Bending: She can bend water to help herself and the strawberries

Telekinetic Powers: Can make strawberries appear from places very far away


Molly is a tsundere, meaning she will be very cold with you when she first meets you but will get nicer as your time with her increases. She likes to be isolated and can get annoyed quickly.




Ice King:

Princess Bubblegum:



Ice Queen:

Prince Gumball:


Alice the wiz:

'Adventure King':

Paris the adventurer:


  • Molly has three different tools for strawberry growing
  • She is the last of her kind as far as she knows, she was adventuring out in Ooo on the day her village was expolded
  • Her catchprashe is "strawberry sugar pops"
  • Her bending water is magical. It comes from her soul rather than the Earth, this is why she will stay 14 years infinitly, unless she stops using this water for a long period, then ages
  • When she uses the water it comes straight out of her hands
  • If she had to have a pet she'd like a fish person (kind of like Ponyo where she can turn into a fish then human)
  • When enlarged, her eyes are pink
  • kissed Aaron at marshall's birthday party while playing "spin the bottle"


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