This is the house of Marshall Lee the Vampire King. It is located deep inside a cave on the border of the grasslands.


Marshall Lee isn't seen at his house often...but here are some rooms at his house below...

Living room:

This is where Marshall has his TV,movies,amplifier,band instruments,couch,chair,and where his cat shwabelle sleeps...

Magik Library:

Where Marshall keeps his books of magik,amulets,talismans,voodoo dolls,weapons used for defeating the undead,poisons,anti-venoms,and Armor...


1st Bedroom:Marshall Lee

2nd Bedroom:Guest


The kitchen has a stove,microwave,dishwasher,sink,a few cabinets,and a fridge full of apples and strawberries...


There are 5 portals spead across Marshall's behind the couch,one in the library,one portal to Ooo in his closet,one in the garage,one in Marshall's 2nd bedroom,and one is hidden and cannot be found...

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