Marshall Lee
Marshall Lee 0
Name Marshall Lee
Sex Male
Age 1000+
Species Vampire
Occupation Vampire King/Heir to Nightosphere
Introduced in "Fionna and Cake"

"Bad Little Boy"

Latest appearance ~
Voiced by Donald Glover , D.Croye(upcomming)

Marshall Lee (full name: Marshall Lee the Vampire King[1]), is the gender-swapped version of Marceline, created by the original series designer, Natasha Allegri, who is featured in "Fionna and Cake." In the episode, he is seen attending Prince Gumball's Biennial Gumball Ball. Just like Fionna and others, Marshall Lee is from Ice King's imagination, although Marceline was telling his story in "Bad Little Boy." His skin appears to burn in sunlight in the episode, like most vampires' and Marceline's. He plays a large role in "Bad Little Boy," attempting various ways to trick Fionna into admitting her love for him.


Marshall Lee presumably has the same abilities as Marceline, since he was first seen floating. Some official artwork shows him eating the color red, just like Marceline, and sucks the pink from creme puff filling although he says he drinks blood in "Bad Little Boy". He can also sing and plays a guitar.[2] He can turn into a bat form, like Marceline, except he keeps his hair. Like Marceline, he can also raise the dead. He also appears to have the same rapid healing that Marceline has, as when the sun started to burn him, the burn vanished as soon as Cake blocked it from touching him.


Marshall Lee has a slim body, an average height(5'11), black hair, and light green skin. He has a matching permanent bite mark like Marceline's. In "Fionna and Cake" and "Bad Little Boy," he is seen wearing a red plaid shirt with gray stripes, dark blue jeans, and brownish-red and white sneakers. Like Marceline, his physical appearance is that of a typical late teenager. Marshall Lee can also be seen with his bass guitar strapped on to his back by his lucky-red guitar strap, although he has once held his hand out, and the bass comes out of no-where and flies into his hand(like Thor).


Marshall Lee describes himself as a villain. He is rowdy, endangering others with his violent, 'friendly' rough-housing. He appears to have an interest in music like Marceline, as he's shown to rap and carry around and play a custom bass guitar, like Marceline. He greeted Fionna with the sign of the horns, a very popular hand sign amongst heavy metal and rock fans. He also displays Marceline's love to mess with people with elaborate jokes, but goes to a further extent than his female counterpart and feels remorse quicker. Since Marceline is telling his story at this point, this might suggest the way she thinks of herself; as a villian, although Marshall Lee is argueably the more evil of the two. This also might suggest that Marceline wishes she could express remorse better; she rarely apologizes to anyone. Marshall Lee also occasionally flirts with Fionna as seen in "Bad Little Boy", though this seems to contradict Marceline's claims to only liking Finn as a friend.



Marshall Lee is first seen interacting with Fionna in "Bad Little Boy." There, he is seen doing bad things to convince her that he is evil, while also trying to get her to admit that she loves him. He even goes as far to fake that he's dying and asking her to admit her love for him. While doing this, Fionna freaks out and tells him that in his last moments he should be serious. When he reveals that he was only faking, Fionna angrily punches him, then proceeds to do so again, laughing and crying simultaneously, filled with rage and emotion. Marshall Lee really does love Fionna, but he doesn't always know how to go about it.


Marshall often messes with Cake, but they seem to be on good terms. When Marshall Lee appeared to be hurt, Cake used her body to shield him from the sun which had just risen. She was also relieved when Marshall Lee revealed that he wasn't really dying even though Marshall Lee had just kidnapped her moments before.

Prince Gumball

Marshall Lee's relationship with Prince Gumball is similar to Marceline and Princess Bubblegum's rivalry toward each other.

Aaron Zellesh

Aaron is Marshall Lee's best friend, and figurative brother, but many believe they are somehow related. Out of all of the members of the group, Aaron enjoys Marshall's company the most, being intelectual and supernatural equals. Both share a common bond and both enjoy their powers and pursue education of immortality, so that they can learn as much powers and mystic suprises that their gift/curses have to offer. Marshall Lee cares for Aaron like a little brother, even though Aaron is older than ML.


Marshall Lee considers himself Ak1's mentor, and a best friend. He tries his best to give Ak1 good advice, fighting technique, and hopes to eventually turn Ak1 into the new "Billy the adventurer".


Marshall Lee admires coley's stealth ability and technique, and began a mutal friendship with coley. Both being intruiged by inter-dimensional travel, they designed a barrage of futuristic/steampunk devices capable of great power, such as the Steel-Wheel, The Junkpile, and the inter-dimesional transport. This caused them both the be rivaled against a certain upcomming villain.


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  • Rebecca Sugar said that she wanted Marshall Lee to have a few lines in "Fionna and Cake," but they were cut due to time limitations. She wanted him to be voiced by Dante Basco. [3]
  • An alternate character sheet depicts him with green skin, but it was only used in one scene with special lighting conditions.[4]
    • In Bad Little Boy, his skin is shown to appear green in the sunlight.
  • When Marshall Lee does the "Sign of the Horns" he has five fingers instead of the usual four.
  • He appears to float in the exact opposite position that Marceline does.
  • While rapping to Fionna in the song, "Good Little Girl," Marshall Lee says that he's from the Nightosphere. He later says that he's the son of a demon (also like Marceline) and the vampire king.
  • Marshall Lee wears the same outfit in both "Fionna and Cake" and "Bad Little Boy," unlike Marceline who usually changes outfits in every episode she appears.
  • Marshall Lee seems to have some sort of a rivalry with Prince Gumball, similar to Marceline having a rivalry with Princess Bubblegum.
  • His hairstyle is different in "Bad Little Boy", than in "Fionna and Cake". It appears down rather than up, however, this could be because he was first seen in the rain, which could have caused his hair to get wet and fall down.
  • He seems to possess the loneliness trait Marceline has, and hides it like she does.
  • He has a one-sided Axe-Bass, while Marceline's is double-sided.
  • Marshall Lee having black jeans(instead of blue) and a black earring on his left ear is a result of artist D.Croye giving his own outfit to Marshall Lee.
  • In The Movie remake, Marshall Lee posseses a demonic ring that has the power to allow Marshall Lee to walk in the sunlight, though, in artwork[and possible future animation], the ring is not visable. However, this is only because artsit D.Croye said: "Characters in AT have small, stubby fingies. That ring would be horrifically difficult to draw on dem tiny hands. The ring might make it into like, dramtic close-ups or something, but probably not. I'll be releasing one detailed sketch of what the ring looks like, so that you at least know that it exists..."
  • Marshall Lee has a very un-readable personality
  • Marshall Lee releases stress by going to the ice kingdom and breaking mountains into "ityy-bitty ice cubes", as he says.


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