Mari is Faline's  best friend and sidekick. This OC was a request for Dcu's best friend Melissa. AKA User: Mari the adventurer

[[Sparkly eyes mari by dcuniversechick-d6qp887|250px]]








Faline's sidekick, best friend, Ninja, Hero, Adventurer



Voiced by

Tara Strong


Mari on her planet

Mari is 12 years old, so she dosent have much of a body, though her body is rather straight. Mari's average height is 4'12", 4'14" in her space heels. She has long black hair, peach skin, a purple T shirt that seems to fit her big, and green shorts. She has the same booties and socks as Finn. When Mari was on Planet Electro, she wore a steel helmet-like face protector shaped like a "M". She also wore a purple sleeveless top that showed off her midriff, a purple mini skirt, light purple topped thigh high purple boots, gray gauntlets on her arms and neck with purple gems in the middle. She also had purple eyes. 


Mari is a regular sweethearted tomboy, always helping her friends. She looks up to Faline and tries to be a hero like her. She can have a clumsy personality at times, mostly to make Faline laugh. She can be mean and tough to show what a rightious hero she can be. At times Mari is rather lazy not wanting to go on an adventure.


Coming from another planet, Mari has the abilities to fly, shoot electric eye beams from her eyes, and shoot electric forcefields/ bolts. She can use the forcefields to make her float (she goes inside the bubble) or to protect things from harm. If anyone interacts with the forcefield, they will be flown away with a loud boom and get electrocuted.


  • Mari's creator named her OC Mari because, IRL, Faline and Mari are both fans of Teen Titans/DC, so she named her after Dick Grayson (Nightwing), and Koriand'r's (Starfire) child, Mar'i Grayson (Nightstar)


Adventure time oc s faline and mari by dcuniversechick-d6nudu7

My first official drawing of Faline (left) and Mari (right)

Sparkly eyes mari by dcuniversechick-d6qp887
Adventure time anime girls by dcuniversechick-d6r2m1w

First drawing of anime adventure time..... I screwed up

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