Rock n' Roll

Full Title:

Marshall Lee the Vampire Queen







First appeared in:

Adveture Time with Finn and Jake:Evicted

Other Appearances:

AT:The Wraith of Austin Belt

Marceline (full title Marceline the Vampire Queen), is the gender-swapped version of Marshall Lee, created by the original character designer, Phil Rynda and featured in "Finn and Jake." Jake is scared of her like Cake is scared of Marshall Lee.


Marceline has pointy ears and light blue skin, just like Marshall Lee.

Her hair is longer than Marshall Lee's but she has a matching permanent bite mark. She initially wore a grey T-Shirt, but now wears a grey tank top. She also wears dark blue jeans, and red boots, and she sometimes carries an ax base.

Though Marshall Lee has rectangular-shaped eyes, her eyes are circular. Unlike Marshall Lee's rounded tongue, Marceline's tongue is forked,like that of a snake.


Necromancy:The ability to bring the dead back t o life and controll death all-together

Vampire infection:The ability to make someone a vampire by biting them

Immortality bite:The ability to become ageless and deathless without becoming a vampire(must be transfered by bite)

Floatation:The ability to float in the air

Sun-reflection:A spell that Marceline created to reflect the sunlight from her skin so that she won't burn.


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