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Clone of a King



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AT:What Time Is It?

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M2 (full title M2 or Blue Marshall or Marshall Clone), is the cloned version of Marshall Lee, created by Adventure King 1, and featured in the 2nd season of "AT:What Time Is It?."


M2 has alomst the same descoption as Marshall Lee,he has pointy ears and light blue skin at night-time. An alternate character sheet depicts him with green skin, but that is only his skin color at day-time.

His hair is shorter than Marceline's but he has a matching permanent bite mark. He wears a blue and black plaid shirt,black jeans, and blueish-white sneakers.

Though Marceline has circle-shaped eyes, his eyes are rectangular. Unlike Marceline's forked, snake-like tongue, M2's tongue is rounded.


Necromancy:The ability to bring the dead back to life and controll death all-together

Pyrokinetic Powers:The ability to controll and create fire

Sun-reflection:A spell that Marshall Lee created for him and M2 to use to reflect the sunlight from his skin so that they won't burn


M2 is usaully seen with a plain look on his face and seems not to care about anything or anyone, because he just came into the world he doesn't have developed emotions yet while he fully developed physically. He doesn't trust people much and sees himself as a loner.


User: He is shown to think he is annoyed by them and is better them. He starts to care about them after joining to save Marshall Lee

Marshall Lee: Despite claiming he has no respect for anyone,M2 and Marshall Lee have a mutual respect for eachother wich may lead to a future friendship.


  • M2 has three different guitars:A purple Butterfly-bass,A Fender American Vintage 1957 Precision Bass,and his most used bass-the Axe-Bass,nut it is unknown if m2 even knows what a guitar is...
  • M2 does not ever express his emotions
  • One of his speaking lines is going to be,"This is my fault,Marshall lee is the only reason I stand before you today...WE HAVE TO GET HIM BACK
  • Unlike Marshall Lee, M2 does NOT float.
  • Marshall Clone was created by Advenure King 1,but was renamed to M2 by Marshall Lee the Vampire King.

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