Love Hurts Part 2 is the 21 episode of Season One


This episode tells the stories of what the girls are doing before the party



Marshall: Where are the girls?

Captions: 4-6 Hours Earlier

(The episode starts out with all the girls sitting in some chairs and in a circle)

Katie: O.M.G. I'm so excited for the dance!!!!!

Paris: (unamused face while playing Beemo): Yeah, it's gonna be a amazing. And stuff...

Alice: I'm just going for the beautiful cake...mmmmhhhh caakkkeee. But, the only thing I'm not a fan of is the date thing. Are you guys bringing anyone in particular?

Everyone: Nope, uhh no..., not really, we could've, etc.

Marcelina: Wait Alice, I thought you liked Finn.

Alice: Pfft, screw that, he's already got Flame Princess on his hands...

Isabella: So Marcyia, are you bringing anyone?

Marcelina *surprised blushed expression*: Psh, I'm not bringing anyone.... well I did try asking Kanir....

Runa: Of course!

Marcelina: But when I tried asking him....


Kanir: Hey Marcelina!

Marcelina: H-hi Kanir. Can I ask you something...?

Kanir: Sure. What is it?

Marcelina *blushing really hard*: I-I-I would know more about.....the grass kingdom!

Kanir *slightly confused*: Oh, well there isn't really much to know. It's just a little village but with grass.

Marcelina: Bye Kanir! *disappears*

Kanir: *shrugs*


Marcelina: And when he tried asking me... it wasen't any better....

Alice: I'm sure it wasen't that bad.

Marcelina: Then you and I have to diffrent definitions of bad then....

Fionna: Alright, let's face it. We need something to keep our minds of the party for a bit.

Runa: Like a party!

Paris: A party?

Runa: Yessi A. PAAARRRRTTTTYYYYY!!!!!! We start making the party stuff and gte started! It's will be like a girls only night party!

Marcelina: Have you had your nap today, RiRi?

Runa: I haven't!

Fionna: Well then, Alice, Paris get the popcorn and sugary stuff. Katie, Isabella you guys get the outfits ready for us. Marcelina, get the decorations ready and make this place sparkle!

Paris: SPARKLES!!!!!!!!!*

Everyone: Let's do this!

(Paris and Alice are walking back to the hideout with candy and sorts)

Paris: Make sure you get some licorice staws....

Alice: Oh yeaaa... ok.

Alice: We can check getting candy off the list. Now all we have to do i-

Paris: What's wrong?

Alice: I hear something....

Paris: Ooooo... This is like this one movie---

(Muck , queen of trolls, pops out the bushes.)

Muck: Ahhh!!! I'm completely angry!! And I'm gonna take it out on you 2 "goodie-2-shoes!'

Paris: Ah! You stalker!! Go eat some pickle dust you perv..! wait-what.

Alice: Back off Muck! I'll mah WIZ POWAS ON U!! Wait.....why are you even angry?

Paris: Yeah talk! Or else I'll go Paris Power on you!

Alice: Really? 'Paris Power"?


Muck *annoyed: Anyways, me and Austine got into an argument, and I think he might want to break up with me!!

Paris: haha.... this is why i'm not IN a relationship!

Alice: Agreed! But still, I think we should help her, Paris.

Paris: Whaaa.....?? I need a good reason for why we should help her!

Alice: Cause if we don't she'll take it out on us and if by any chance, which is most likely slim, she might be able to find the WCC and do who knows what. That's why.

Paris: ....I see your point. Muck, I guess will try and help you. After all! If we succeed it'll be a win-win situation, and if we don't...WHICH WON'T HAPPEN we'll try again!

Muck: -somewhat teary eyed- Really?!

Alice: Of course! -whispers to Paris- But we might need a little help with this. After all it IS Muck

Paris: That is true. I have an idea who, but I suggest maybe we should explain the problem quickly.


Marcelina: -hanging up decorations- Pft...what's taking them so long? Well atleast I finally hung up all the decorations!

Runa: -slams open the door causing some of the decorations to fall- HEY MACYIA!

Marcelina- crap....What is it little sister?

Runa- Alice and Paris want to talk to you, and a another lady is outside to.....

Macyia- Say vhaaa.....


Marcelina and Muck are each holding some kind of weapon at each other's neck.

Alice- Macyia, Muck can you guys please drop your weapons please. TT_TTMuck, Macyia- Not until she does.

Paris- This seriously could've gone better......Okay Muck, Macyia put down the weapons.

Macyia/Muck- Ugh...Fine, but if she tries anything suspicious...Stop copying me. Seriously stop! Okay you're really starting to peeve me off!!