The once so mighty Lollipop King, was once a normal 12 year old boy named Sven Skeare, before the deadly
That unamused face byunknown havoc-d38ha97
Mushroom War turned him into a sick lollipop/human creature. He was a close friend to Princess Bubblegum, but as he turned more and more insane, he became the military leader of the trolls.


  • Even though he is the leader of the military, he has a dark, long grudge with Austin, the Troll King.
  • Even if he is wichous, he is always against Austin's orders, and is mostly an ally for A Hero Boy Named Finn.
  • He is not the greatest at commenting, meaning that he mostly uses random words, such as LEG OF GOAT.
  • He is probably the greatest when keeping someone distracted, meaning he can keep someone off guard.
  • He also has, for some reason, a grudge with the former Muck12yo.
  • He also swears a lot.
  • He dosent trust marceline.or marshal.or paris.or anyone else.
  • He likes eating pickles and socks.
  • He smells like a sock.
  • he hates that paris is constantly editing his pages.
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  • insanity sword,stolen from the "Wall"
    Epic Armoury Ready For Battle Sword Katana-LARP IF-402265

    look at this motherfuckin` sword,man,and tell me its ugly...I FUCKIN DARE YOU....

  • tokarev SVT-40.
  • scrafty.just.....scrafty.