Lollipop Girl
Lollipop girl by vanillycake-d3g2vkp
Name Lollipop Girl
Gender Female
Species Candy People

Lollipop girl is an gender swapped version of Lollipop King.


Lollipop Girl is a lollipop-shaped humanoid. She has green skin and very short brown hair. Her eyes are "U" shaped with long eyelashes. She also has a green collar, presumably resembling the knot of an actual lollipop. She wears a green shirt, skirt, and boots.


  • She is an genderswapped version of Lollipop King
  • She was designed by Natasha Allegri.[2]
  • She is able to rip her wrapper face off and change it.[3]
  • She likes Ice Cream Guy.

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