Kitten Princess




She overlooks small details in her appearance, such as one sock being over her pant leg, one side of her hair being longer than the other, and the small crown she was finally convinced to wear being perpetually lopsided. She finnaly wore her parents down to letting her wear a t-shirt and jeans, but her parents still make her wear jewlery so she doesn't apper too much like a commener. She has a tail, but when she can see it, she starts chasing it and won't stop until it's out of sight again, so it's usually hidden.


She is a friendly and nice person, even though she is sometimes extremly forgetful. Although she is royalty, she acts nothing like it. She is extremly hyper and always getting in trouble for accidentally having her hands in her pockets, leaving the palace without a guard, playing video games in the middle of important royal functions, forgeting she's on time out and leaving the tower, and sneaking outside to explore whenever she is presented with the opportunity. Her parents sometimes get frustrated with her not because she deliberately disobeys them, but that she forgets that there are rules aganst her behavior. She is not interested in dating because it takes away from her already small amount of free time. She has the human/cat hybrid version of ADHD, which is worse because you multiply the symptoms by the short attention span of a cat.


Kitten has the ability to escape from anywhere or anything if given enough time. This isn't magic or a mutation or anything, just something she is able to do. She is very athletic and is good at exploring, and probably good at fighting, though she hasn't fought anyone. She can make friends with anyone, but if they spend too much time with her, her cat version of ADHD will start to get on their nerves.


Isabella: Although they are distantly related, Isabella seems deeply embarrassed and annoyed by Kitten Princess. Kitten Princess is completely unaware of this, though, and belives that they are good friends.

Alice: Kitten Princess is good friends with Alice, especally because Alice has a cat for her to play with.

Cathy the Artist: Although Kitten Princess was origanaly annoyed by the misleading nickname, she has since accepted the fact Cat is not a cat. They have become good friends, because Cathy is rarely annoyed by Kitten Princess's odd behaviors.

Runa: Kitten Princess and Runa get along very well because they are about the same maturity level.