Full name:

James the half wizard


Half Wizard


16 (physically)



(note:In first person)


I was a very intellectual 12 year old young man makeing a cryogenic freeze chamber to keep me safe during the fast approaching mushroom war. I had safely gotten in and do not remeber anything after that but I could tell it was damaged, but at the time I had appeared fine. I did not know how long I had been frozen or what had happen around me but when I awoke I found my self in a new uniform and did not see any other humans. I started wandering and notice two thing, one that there were new creatres among me so I had to stay hidden, and two that staying hidden was very easy for I had found that in my new outfit I had a power of invisibility. And as days go on I lose my memmory of these events but I gain new knowledge of new abilitys. So I made this jornal to record this information and carry it with me where ever I go. I also carry with me a matter creating back pack and a magic invisible cloack both of which came with my new outfit.

I have recently turned 16 and have advanced my powers. I also have now learned more about my location and the lifeforms living here. First is that they call this place the land of ooo, and that while not many people know it but there is another place just like it called the land of aaa, which I have not yet traveled to. I have also learned that these strange creatures are really close to being human but some part fire, candy, demon, etc. But there appears to be one last human alive, a young man named Finn.

I have recently made a house underneath w.c.c. made with only one way in and the same way out. Covered with pitfall traps, falling boulders, blow darts, and a sheild that stops tools and magic from working unless you deactivate it with a password and a key which I have not told anyone and I keep the key on me at all times. Inside my house I have a weapons room, a kitchen, a dinning room, a enchantment room, my bedroom, a guest bedroom, and a basement/storage room.

Quite recently I have become interested in the activity called card wars in which I have earned a job as a tournament host. I have not actually acquired my own card deck but I will normally battle with some of the players in the tournament with half a deck or a borrowed deck. I am however hopeing I will acquire a deck soon wiether I buy, make or I get one from somebody.


Here I will keep a log of the powers I gain:


magic shield



elemental powers

bullet time (extremely fast movement)

invisibility (with cloak)

matter creation (with back pack)

Photo album

Here I will keep pictures I acquire: