James house is underneath w.c.c. made with only one way in and the same way out. Covered with pitfall traps, falling boulders, blow darts, and a sheild that stops tools and magic from working unless you deactivate it with a password and a key which James is the only one that has them. Inside the house are serveral rooms.


Weapons Room: This is where James keeps all of his non-magical weapons such as crossbows, swords, maces, handguns, daggers, assault rifles, battle axes, sniper rifles, semiautomatic and fully automatic guns just to name a few

Kitchen: Here is where James cooks his meals. The kitchen has a old style furnace, a toaster oven, a sink, an oven, a microwave, a refrigerator, a pantry, and a island that holds some cook books and different utensils.

Dinning Room: Here is where James eats his meals. It is a medium sized room with a few extra chairs if anyone wants to eat with him. There is also a large chandler hanging from the top of the ceiling.

Enchantment Room: Here is where James stores his magical utilities. This room includeds a small library of spell books, a enchantment table, another weapon room but consisting of only magical items such as wands, staffs, orbs and several potions made from his brewery.

James bedroom: This is James personal bedroom. It has a bed with 50% cotton 50% polyester sheets. As well as a walk in closet. It also has a small stand for some of his possessions. He even has a flat screen HD tv and a small computer. Also a bathroom with several mirrors, a shower, a toilet, and a hot tub/bath tub.

Guest bedroom: This is where any of James guest stay. This has a bed also with 50% cotton 50% polyester sheets but is insted a bunk bed. It also has a medium sized HD tv. Right next to it is a standard bathroom with a bathtub, a toilet, a shower and a sink.

Basement/storage: Just a place to store any extra items James finds along his adventures.