Infrared Blobs is an episode of Season Two of AT: What Time Is It? 

Infrared Blob








The group need to find their bodies before they completely die.





(The episode starts out with AK1, Alice, Symin and Paris laughing in ghost format the grave yard).

AK1: Haha. Wait who are we?

Paris: I don’t know, I thought you knew.

Alice: (Alice shrugs her shoulders). I think we are ghost.

Symin: Know dip Shirley.

(Symin’s fangs pop out and he starts growling at Alice).

AK1: Okay then. (AK1 makes a duck face).How did we die then?

(The scene switches to Marshall Lee getting some grave yard doughnut).

Marshall: Thanks, Bobby! (Marshall takes a bite out of his doughnut then turns around and spits it out in surprise). Guys, guys! (Marshall runs over to the four ghosts). What happened to you guys?

Symin: Who’s this guy?

Paris: I think he’s a villain let’s punch him in the neck!

(Paris punches Marshall).

Marshall: Ouch! Wait how can you touch you guys are ghost? Your souls must still be alive, but I guess your souls must have already started transcending to the ghostly plane, and looks like you memory is already fading. We got to find your bodies!

Alice: Marshall? Guys look its Marshall; he’s our… friend, right?

Marshall: Yep, I’m your rocking friend Marshall.

AK1: If what this guy says is true then… where’s Rob-0?

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