Faline is Dcuniversechick's Adventure Time OC. Faline is also dc's RP character.

Faline outlined by dcuniversechick-d6qp7xz
Name Faline
Gender Female
Age 18
Species Human/Fire Elemental
Occupation Princess, Adventurer, Ninja
Relatives Mari (Adopted sister)
Introduced in Not announced yet but soon to be either on here or on DA
Voiced by Isabelle Fuhrman


Faline has long, messy, black hair with a big red streak on the bangs. She has an average height for her age, standing 5'5", 5'6" when wearing heels and wears a black T shirt with gray jeans, white knee high socks that fold over her boots, and black studded kombat boots. She has peach skin and has a curvy body. Faline also sports black, steel knuckled gloves with retractable metal, sharp claws. When Faline is mad or goes into her fire state, she will glow in a red aura while ancient fire spells appear on the red streak, her hair turns into fire and her eyes will become red.


Faline was born in the Fire Kingdom and chosen to rule it as the Flame Princess. Since her mother was a human and forced to marry the Fire King, Faline was half human half fire elemental. Faline has a brother too, Flame Prince. Faline turned out to be like her mother, while Flame Prince turned like his father. When they were both 8 years old, they clamed their thrones as Flame Princess and Flame Prince. 5 years later, Faline snuck into a meeting. She overheard a plan to burn everything in Aaa, and that they needed Faline to complete it.. Faline could not approve with that, so she ran away. She ran a long distance and found herself in a sweet looking kingdom with candy people everywhere. All of a sudden, a pink boy with a crown came up to her. He asked if she was lost and she told him how and why she came here. Prince Gumball introduced himself and let her into the castle. Faline told Gumball she was the Flame Princess of Aaa, so Gumball gave her a "welcome" present: He gave her a Huge mansion-like house with a soda bar, game room, training room, and upstairs were 2 bedrooms and a guest room. Faline accepted. 2 days later, Faline saw a purple streak in the sky. She flew and followed it, and found a girl who looked about 8. Her name was Mari and she came from Planet Electro. Faline found out she was princess of her planet, so she welcomed her into her house. She helped Mari change out of her space uniform and into an outfit that suited her tomboyish personality. Both were matrial artists and loved to eat, play video games, and both has powers. They then spent the next 4 years as best friends.

Powers and Abilities

Faline has the following abilities:

Pyrokinesis- Faline, being half Fire Elemental, can control/tame fire from her or fire around her.

Peak Human Status- All of Faline's statuses are at their peak. She has a lot of skill for a girl her age and size, which makes her an excellent fighter.

Flight- Faline is shown to fly, leaving a trail of fire behind her.

Acrobatic/Cat-like Reflexes- Faline is shown to be very flexible and sometimes performing cat-like positions such as landing on her feet from about 100ft in the air and keeping her balance no matter what. She also has experience with acrobatic skills, as she can do multiple flips and spins without feeling dizzy.


Faline is a witted punk girl and a tomboy, mostly finding ways into trouble. She is very sneaky and very flirty, mostly around Xkalibur. Faline can be a sweetheart when she wants to, but otherwise, she is a tough girl. She has a similar personality to Finn and Fionna, always exploring the lands of Ooo. Faline is also a hot head, so she can get fired up real easily like a firecracker.


Faline's Sword

Faline has a red gemmed sword that can set on fire. Though this is Faline's secondary weapon, she is shown to carry it around at times. It was the last thing Faline's mother gave her before she died and it is kept in an inferno room. It is said that Faline's Mother's soul lives in it, and that is why Faline keeps it in a room of fire.

Faline's Gloves

Given to her at a young age by her mother, Faline's steel knuckled metal clawed retractable gloves are her first and favorite weapon. It is very simple how it works (how her claws come out). The claws come out when Faline opens her hand (like Catwoman's intro in Injustice:Gods Amongs Us). She can do this to protect herself or just scare Mari or her friends and chase them around.


Marshall Lee- Marshall Lee is Faline's old crush. They have some awesome times with eachother, and are best buddies. He can keep up with the amount of rough-housing as much as Faline, so they like to play rough every now and then.

Mari - Mari is Faline's best friend. They have a very strong sister- like relationship and always have each other's backs.

Prince Gumball- Prince Gumball and Faline are good friends, soo..

Ember Draken - Ember is Faline's female bro that she likes to hangout with. They like to talk, prank, and Ember helps Faline with her relationship with Marshall Lee.

Silverbane the Werewolf - Silver is Faline's "control buddy" She spends time with him on how to control her anger/schizophrenia. In the meantime, they like to have fun with one another.

Flame Prince - Flame Prince is Faline younger brother, and they have the typical sister - brother rivalry love for each other.

Xkalibur - Xkal and Faline first met when she was tresspassing on his property, and she fell head over heels for him. He matched her completely: Bad, Hot, Robitic eye and arm, Looks, and Strong. Eventually they did kiss and became a couple (DONT YOU TAKE THAT THE WRONG WAY OR I WILL KILL YOU IN YOUR SLEEP!!!!!!). She finds him hot whenever Marsh and him fight and nearly kill eachother and she calls him her "Evil Clone King".


  • Faline's creator, dcuniversechick, would describe  her character as "a sweethearted but mischievous tomboy, a character who keep her head help high and dosent let anybody get to her spirit or a young girl who went from evil to good".
  • Faline's creator based Faline's personality from her favorite DC villan, Catwoman, which is similar on how their personalities are: Flirty, Trouble causing
  • Faline's voice actress, Isabelle Fuhrman, also voiced Shoko in Adventure Time
  • Faline has a severe case of schizophrenia.
  • Faline is on DeviantART, drawn many times by me (dcuniversechick)


Faline's name is pronounced Fay-Leen.


Faline's name means a Cat-Like Girl, which explains her sneaky flirty personality.


Faline has multiple nicknames that people give her:

Fay/ Fay-Fay



Litter Brain (by some people reffering to her using a littler box T_T)


Fire Kitten (by some Fire Elementals)


Though Faline is quite awesome, she does have some weaknesses:

Going to her full potental of martial arts

Faline has trouble controlling her anger, and her anger is what makes her a great fighter. She needs to learn to not let her temper get the best of her or else she will use her moves that can take a life. 

Her Anger

Faline has anger issues, and that can cause the claws on her gloves to come out/ start fighting. She can sometime hurt people but that's only when she gets REALLY mad or if someone annoys her alot.

Her Illness

Faline has a severe case of schizophrenia, so if anything annoys her or gets to her personaly, she will get dangerous any hurt someone.


Like other Fire Elementals, water can be seen to wear down, or kill any fire elemental when it touches them. Faline is half human, half fire elemental, so water dosent completely wear her down, it just wears down her powers. Her skin behaves like normal skin.



The logo came out crappy, but whatevs

Adventure time anime girls by dcuniversechick-d6r2m1w

First drawing of anime adventure time..... I screwed up

Faline outlined by dcuniversechick-d6qp7xz
Fire by dcuniversechick-d6pn3uv

Yes, yes, I know I based it off Starfire (in the old comics cuz when she flies her hair turns to fire), but, just a random sketch....

Xkaline by dcuniversechick-d6q85ca

First drawing of Xkalibur and Faline (I hope i did good Marshall!). Also NEW SIGNATURE! DC LOGO!!!!! YAAAAAAYY!!!! I am also proud to announce that Xkaline's ship has set sail! (accepting any fan art of this ship *coughcoughMarshallcoughcough*)

Adventure time oc s faline and mari by dcuniversechick-d6nudu7

My first official drawing of Faline (left) and Mari (right). Yes my DeviantArt name is dcuniversechick. DONT JUDGE ME

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