Please don't get mad at me I asked permission from Beemo and Happy Smoothie and Happy Smoothie said I can make my OC page please don't get mad and Brozoco also.

Ember Draken
Ember New
Name Ember Draken
Gender Female
Age 15
Species Human
Occupation Artist, Inventor, Hero, Adventurer, Assassin
Relatives William Draken, Martha Draken
Introduced in Tower of Terror
Latest appearance Tower of Terror
Voiced by (unknown)


Ember is brave and courageous but sometimes she gets really stressed in serious matters, she also has a soft side in her. When bad things happen she's soft but sometimes angry and stressed. She's helpful and wants to help the needy. She is a trustful girl too. She seems boyish most of the time but acts like a girl too. Ember is 14 years old. Her favorite color is Blue. She doesn't get jokes that much cause she doesn't have a sense of humor. She is quick, independent and cool and strong. Some people call her Draken instead of Ember. And she is a 14 year old human girl. Ember likes animals, drawing, reading and writing ( Cooking too! ) She's mostly silent and quiet but once you understand her she's cool. Also she would do mostly anything to protect her friends. She is very smart and always thinks of a good plan to problems. She acts lady-like sometimes. It's very rare to see her laugh.


Ember wears blue and white long-sleeved shirt with yellow on the waist. She wears brown long pants and wears red and white shoes. She has black long hair . Her family necklace is a teardrop shaped turquoise colored necklace. Ember doesn't like dresses that much cause she's kinda boyish, she is totally obsessed with jackets her jacket is blue and has a hoodie. Don't mess with her jacket and necklace. She also wears a blue backpack.

Casual: Ember wears a sky blue jacket and blue and white t-shirt. She also has yellow and white shoes and normal brown pants. (necklace included)

Fancy: Ember wears a dress with her necklace, she has a curve shape shaped into her dress as a design the upper extremities is the color blue. The lower extremeties is similar to Flame Princess but it has curved line designs with different shades of blue.

Sleeping: She wears Dark blue PJs (pajamas) and a yellow shirt with green wavy lines. (necklace included!)

Cold: She wears a winter jacket and has a hoodie. The winter jacket is sky blue and her shirt is black, She wears brown boots and black pants.

Summer: She wears a shirt with flower designs, and wears a hat under the hat is a flower headband. She wears yellow soundly

Genderswap's Outfit: Ethan wears a Dark Blue jacket and a yellow shirt and has brown pants like Ember, he has blue and white shoes (an alternate version of Ember's shoes) and carries a family sword. But Ethan doesn't have necklace in his appearance. He only has a Family Sword to take care of.


Assasin outfit: It's not the original and TOO hard to describe the original Assassins Outfit so no description. Wanna see my Original Now? The one on the fears section is old. Check the original on the Gallery!


Casual! Necklace hidden inside pocket.

Swimsuit: Ember doesn't swim anymore. She started swimming at the age of 10 and stopped at 11. But she reads alot of books about it.



Assassin Ember! The necklace is covered under robes!

Loss of someone she cares about, Failing to help someone dying, The end of Ooo and Aaa <-- 1st worse fear. Loss of family necklace <--- second worse fear. ( She never loses it she puts it somewhere no one knows where she puts it.) War against Ooo and Aaa.

Ember's Journal

Five years passed since the death of my wonderful parents William and Martha Draken. And I'm their only child Ember Draken. I can't take it anymore my parents died when I was 9, and now I'm in the age of 14. I did not know my other relatives anymore I don't recall seeing them since the day I was born. The police and some people crowded around me and decided to take me to the orphanage. But before I left the house I took my necklace got some money and left. I don't know how my parents died but the police suspected a random unknown robber trying to steal expensive and high priced jewelry, and killed my parents. I needed to leave the orphanage today. I cannot live like this, I must go and find my own path. So in the middle of night I took some stuff my bag and my necklace and of course my awesome jacket. I stole a rope from the attic in the orphanage, tied it in the window bars. But I left a note and rose in the table and fled the orphanage. I also took my needs, water and food. But then 2 weeks had passed and I wasn't feeling so good. I found some edible berries from the trees though but I ran out of water. I decided to go back to the orphanage and face my life but I realized it's never too late to try. I trained for days and practiced techniques, and imagined archery. I know thats kinda crazy but nah it's cool. It rained and there was no sign of shelter so I sat beside a big tree and made a campfire, and before I sleep I said my family motto which is very common to peeps. " Never give up on things you can achieve." It makes me smile to say that :) . The next day I was training moves and sword slaying, and dear journal I forgot to tell you about my family sword. I took it when I was little and let the nice policeman carry it for me now I've been treasuring it for years like my family necklace. I got bored and I wanted to leave the forest and find shelter. The next day I walked about three hours, and I was very I did a quick break and moved on. At night I made a campfire again. The next day I was walking another painful 3 hours and at night I did the same thing. Then I found this beautiful spring the next day and I picked up some berries and washed my face. But I had to move on. The next day at 8:00 AM I walked so I can finally end this nightmare and maybe find shelter. After 12 hours it finally paid off! I saw an abandoned house, it was clean but broken a little. Who could've abandoned this beautiful home? I went inside and saw some awesome stuff. I even paid the money on rebuild and cleaners! Also I slay monsters and I get a tip! Oh yeah, I also met this princess called Princess Bubblegum near my house! It finally paid off!

I continued my journey as a hero and an adventurer and traveled different lands,cities and more, around Ooo. Princess Bubblegum also told me that I had more to see, she told me about her friend called Gumball who is also actually a prince. She told me about an alternate of Ooo which is Aaa. I wanted to travel Aaa's lands and cities too. But before I wanted to travel there I decided to carry on in Ooo first. I met many people Princess Bubblegum made me see her friend-heroes, Finn and Jake. F & J also told me about princesses and things and peeps they had encountered in their adventures. They made me visit Aaa meet Fionna, Cake and more. I trained with F & J with my archery and sword-slaying and it was radical!! Prince Gumball, Fionna, Finn, Jake and Princess Bubblegum offered me a great welcome and they baked cake! Actually Gumball and Bubblegum only. "You must go back to your house now Ember it's getting pretty late now". Said PB. I had a radical time there. Finn also showed me to his lady friend Flame Princess, I liked Flame Princess on how her personality on Finn was. Flame Princess is kinda highly dangerous and could destroy the world but she looks like a nice,kind princess to me.

One day I was going to the Original Candy Kingdom in Ooo to visit my sciency friend Princess Bubblegum. PB asked me about my human relatives. I thought about how personal the question was but she's my friend so let it be. I told her about my parents but nothing else. I do not even recall seeing my other relatives on the day since I was born. I also told PB about my parents entrusting me with the family necklace and the family sword. Princess Bubblegum first noticed my necklace and told me to remove the gem. I could not do it but what if this was serious? I agreed with her but I did not tell her to remove the priceless piece, I told her to analyze my necklace but instead with the gem. I took it off and she analyzed it with a machine in her lab. After she analyzed it she gave it back to me I hanged it over my neck and she was shocked and speechless. What could've happened? I thought in my mind. What could it be what the princess is going to tell me? PB told me that my necklace had sacred powers. What the plops??!! I thought to myself. PB also told me not to let anyone take it for stupid reasons. Well of course not!!

I've been searching out a little more and found a lair on the bottom of my house. Wasn't suprised but I never see anything like this everyday. A large computer screen dusty tables some test tubes and stuff. And a very large library in a big space! Now that suprises me. I spend most of my time reading books and making inventions, because it might be put to good use.

End (more to be added) My house is near the forest near the Candy Kingdom.

Abilities and Stuff

  • She can cook good (VERY MUCH)
  • She knows archery (But not that much)
  • Knows how to parkour (She trains in the forest)
  • Good at drawing
  • Likes making comic books and books
  • Good at sword slaying
  • She's good with plans sometimes
  • Can do a Difficult Book Report in about 30 minutes.
  • Can sew dresses.
  • Do lots of homework in 1 hour (MANY MANY HOMEWORK)
  • Can make video homework and shoot tons of films
  • Hotwire a car (But she doesn't hotwire cars of others)
  • Can swim great
  • Can sing okay


Let's do this!

Come on guys!

Bring it on!

Ready guys?

I don't get it.


William Draken- Ember loves her father very much she often helps him with work and chores and tasks.

Martha Draken - Ember loves her mother she also helps her mother in tasks and work in the house.

Princess Bubblegum - Ember likes PB she is very nice to her. PB also helps Ember in some chores and tasks, and PB asks help from Ember in some monster problems aside from Finn and Jake. And they both have passion for science.

Finn - Finn trains Ember from time to time about archery, sword-slaying and hand to hand combat. They often have fun times with Jake and sometimes and go on adventures together.

Jake - Jake and Ember play and train with each other, one time Jake cooks with Ember and make BACON and PANCAKES!! (This is not shown on the journal of Ember.)

Prince Gumball - Ember doesn't communicate with Gumball that much, but they are friends and both have passion for cooking

Flame Princess - Ember knows Flame Princess is highly dangerous and sometimes intense but Ember trusts Flame Princess, Ember likes how Flame Princess acts so nice and how she's trying to help other peeps without hurting them with her churning fire. Ember also helps and trains FP out incase of danger.

Kirstie Ella - Kirstiene is a orphanage friend of Ember. Kirstiene intends to sew some clothes and prank people with her pal Ember. Though Kirstie is not in Ember's journal. Her and Ember also made her assassin outfit.

Jarred - Ember and Jarred are good friends since Jarred's the first boy she met from the crew. And also sometimes they have friendly rivalry in books and other stuff.

Doctor Princess/Prince - They often help each other and discuss about technology and medication.

Fionna - Ember first met Fionna in the alternate Tree Fort in Aaa and they had fun, discussions and training. (This may show in journal.) Fionna has similaraties with Ember for example her personality. They are good friends and truly adventurous.

Cake - Ember loves animals and she and Cake are good friends. Ember likes Cake and her personality of being responsible. 

Faline - A very good friend. They hangout alot and help each other in problems.

(more to be added tell me in comments if you want you in it!)


Favorite Food: Bacon and etc..

Favorite Color: Blue and all the others

Favorite Sport: Volleyball and etc..

Favorite Hobby: Drawing and writing and etc..



  • The personality of Ember is based on the owner of this page.
  • It says that the turquoise gem from the necklace has sacred powers.
  • Ethan (Ember's Genderswap) has no necklace only family sword.
  • Her shirt was inspired by the owner's shirt.
  • Tower of Terror is her episode debut.
  • Kirstie Ella came from the user's friend.
  • Ember has many nicknames - Embey, Em, Assassin's Apprentice, ED, Emb, Drake,
  • The name of Ember's mom is Martha which EP (Owner of this page) had taken from Batman's mother.

Other Stuff

  • In the orphanage Ember and her room mates practiced being a ninja and an assassin and stealth stuff.
  • Ember carries her family sword attached to her backpack.
  • Ember still has the rope she used to escape the orphanage.
  • Ember knew how to make fire cause she goes to school before her parents got killed, and reads tons of books.
  • Ember has really advanced intelligence.
  • She found a secret lair under the abandoned home and had found a big library with tons of books.
  • She had read many books and she has the intelligence to create inventions for herself with the help of PB!
  • She had found a large computer in the lair and gadgets but it's really dusty.
  • Her invention called a Findtector (really ugly name she needs to think of new one) can detect people.
  • Ember has a laptop!? :D Yeah!

Once again I asked permission from Beemo and Happy Smoothie and Happy Smoothie said I can make my OC. Brozoco too!

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