Dark Operations is the 23 episode Season 1 of AT:What Time Is It?


Marshall Lee and Aaron are sent on a mission to take Austin Hostage while he's asleep. And Marshall gets to use his Black OPs outfit and a brand new weapon to try out...The Soul Cutter.


Good/Neutral Guys:

Marshall Lee

Aaron Zellesh

Bad Guys:

Austin the Troll King

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At the HQ, Marshal Lee walks out of magic room and notices Aaron walking by

Marshall Lee: HEY AARON!!!

Aaron: know you don't have to yell...

Marshall Lee: Oh I know

Aaron: What's with the dark outfit?

Marshall Lee: I'm being sent on a mission to capture Austin tonight while he's asleep

Aaron: Sounds like my kind of mission

Marshall Lee: I'm glad you said so...Cause you're coming with me!

Aaron: Ok cool

Later at midnight, at Austin's castle

Marshall Lee: we go...

Aaron: I am prepared...

Marshall Lee:*Jumps into tree and flies into open window*

Aaron:*Does the same*

The guys move past guards through the shadows

Marshall Lee: So we have to move through the ninjas

Aaron: Gotcha!

Marshall Lee: Do you have a gas mask?

Aaron: Yeah...

Marshall Lee: Good...didn't want it to be awkward when...

Aaron: When what?

Marshall stands up in front of the guards*


Aaron and Marshall both put on gas masks when Marshall throws a knockout gas bomb*

Aaron: Ok now let's get moving to Austin's room!

Marshall Lee: I'm gonna enjoy using the soul cutter on him

Aaron: WAIT!!!

Marshall Lee: what...

Aaron: We are supposed to take him hostage...NOT TAKE HIS SOUL!!!

Marshall Lee: I can put his soul back in if I need to...

Aaron: ... ok

At Austin's room, Marshall bumps a table lamp and Austin wakes up.

Austin: what's going on!!

Aaron: Really Marshall, really???

Marshall Lee: I'm not so light on my feet ok?

Aaron: Not okay

Austin: HEY!?

Aaron and Marshall Lee: Hrm?

Austin: Why are you immortal weirdoes here?

Marshall Lee: Huh? Oh! I'm here to remove your soul*smiles*

Aaron: And then take you to the prison back at HQ

Austin: I'd rather you didn't

Marshall Lee: Like you have a choice?

Austin: Well you may or may not have known, Marshall ,that I have improved my abilities since are last encounter

  • Austin shoots flames out of his hands*

Aaron: Y'know I can do that too...but green

Austin: Why does THAT matter?

Aaron:!!! *shoots green flames everywhere*

Marshall Lee: hit me with fire

Austin:*punches Marshall’s face*

Marshall Lee: I WILL KILL YOU!!!

Austin: oh no...

  • Marshall slashes Austin with soul cutter and removes his soul*

Aaron: Good to see that the Soul Cutter works perfectly...we should get him back to HQ...I dun wanna carry him do it

Marshall Lee: I just removed this guy's soul and now I have to carry him?

Aaron: Yep

Marshall Lee: AUGH

  • Marshall carries Austin to HQ and puts him in a dark prison cell*

Aaron: Ok...Time to put his soul back in...

Marshall Lee: Fine...*puts Austin's soul back into his body*

Austin:*wakes up*Where am I?

Marshall Lee : Your in HQ

Austin: AWW DARNIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aaron: You know looking back on this seemed pretty easy...

Marshall Lee: Another day another Apple...I'm am go take a shower...and then a nap

Aaron and Marshall Lee walk away

Austin: Someday...I shall rise from this prison...and I will know where these people reside...and then...we shall see who's on top of it all...then...I will get what I truly wanted...