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Cat-tastic Show is an episode in Season 2


Major Characters

  • Alice
  • Booboo
  • Isabella
  • Marshall
  • AK1
  • Fionna
  • Some bad guys

Minor Characters

  • PB
  • Cake
  • Prince Gumball
  • Beemo 
  • Crowd
  • Jake
  • Finn
  • Vendor


Isabella, Booboo, and Alice enter the Cat Talent Show to get a trophy of their own but everything goes wrong when someone is trying to ambush the show. Can Marshall, AK, and Fionna  stop the ambushers before it's too late?


  • Alice is reading a newspaper in the WCC

Alice: Guys LOOK! ( screams in unison)

Booboo: This better be important Alice! (yells at Alice)

Alice: It's an annual Double Team Cat Compettition! (raises arms)

  • Isabella comes in the room

Isabella: Double? Me and Booboo can team up and win the um.. What's the prize?

Booboo: Huh I don't want some show and prize I've got catnip!

Alice: Winner gets the Grand Cup of Cat-tasticness! (eyes enlarge staring at the newspaper)

Isabella: Also said it has a jewel on the top a big one! (eyes enlarge also)

Booboo: Girls let's get that prize!

Alice & Isabella : Let's call the others we need them to watch us win!

In the stadium

AK1: Where is everybody? ( looking around)

Marshall: Where's Fi?? ( also looking around)

AK1: I'm guessing she's joining too Marshall

Marshall: This is bad! Who are we gonna vote for??!!

Fionna appears

Fionna: Sup bros! (waving hands at Marshall and AK1)

Paris goes beside Fionna

Paris: Hello guys!

Marshall: You're not joining the match?

Fionna: I only have one cat this is a double team show.

Paris: Well the prize isn't that good anywa- * Sees man holding trophy to glass case

Paris: I stand corrected.. Well look at the bright side.

Fionna: ....?? Umm what's the bright side?

Marshall: You can watch this show?

Fionna: Isn't very bright but.. It works.

On the practice stage

ALice: This is complicated guys! We need the trophy!

Isabella: Ok but what do you do in cat shows?

Booboo: Well of course some talents, fashion, and tricks!

Isabella: Show 'em your secret battle thing!

Booboo: They won't think I'm a cat at all. Lets move to the basics.

In the popcorn stand

Paris: Hmmm what about popcorn? Butter,Cheese? Barbecue?

Fionna: Butter! Delicious!

AK1: Barbecue!!

Marshall: Cheese for me.

Paris: I want Butter,Barbecue and Cheese!

Fionna: So how much? *Asks the vendor

Vendor: It's totally free the host payed me for this Popcorn Buffet! The other stands are also free and mine! *shows other stands.

Fionna: :O Rad!

In the practice stage

Bad Guy #1: Hehehehe.. I soon will be rich and I will get my revenge!

Marshall: Hides behind wall* Huh?

AK: Wha? *hides behind wall

Bad Guy #2: Do you have the hammer? We gotta ambush and take the Prince and the Princess! Especially our beloved trophy!

Marshall and AK run through the crowd


Alice: Ok Booboo that's good enough! You look like a Prince!

Booboo: Isabella what's going on in your side?

Isabella: turns to a cat* Good, Alice wish me some radical clothes! 

Show starts

PB: We now are seeing the Wonderful Cat Show! I'm Judge no.1 Princess Bubblegum of Ooo!

PG: And I am Judge no.2 Prince Gumball of Aaa!

PB and PG: We now present the host! Beemo of Ooo!

Crowd goes wild!!

In the hallway

Marshall: Shhhh!!! You don't want us getting caught!

AK: Who are you talking to?

Dull face..

Marshall: Just keep walking!

AK: Don't shout!

Fionna: whisper shouts- You both quiet down or those fiends are gonna ambush the show!!

In the REAL stage

PB: We've got Alice and her cats Isabella and Booboo!

Paris: What? Isabella?? I..I..I'm proud of you :D !

Isabella waves at the crowd.

  • Paris claps REALLY loud :P

PB: Holds out 8 *

PG: Holds out 10*

Beemo: Holds out 10*

Alice: We got a 28!!

  • Marshall,AK,Fionna and Paris hides behind the judges

Marshall: Let's convince 'em!

AK: Let's get them and hide them from the robbers!

Fionna: Let's just wait for the guys!

Paris: Guys! Umm you should real- *Paris faints.

Fionna turns her head

Fionna: GAHK!!! Noooo!! *Fionna faints.

  • PB and PG turns around

PB: What the? Guys!! What are you- *PB gets chloroformed and faints.

PG: Chloroform?? Guys what is really going o- *also gets chloroformed.

Marshall: *Kicks the guy off the judges stand, Ha! How you like me now?

Bad Guy 1: You idiot! Knock 'em out!!

Beemo: Oh no! *Runs off the judges stand.

First bad guy uses the hammer to hit the glass case

In the stadium

Alice: Go Booboo! Do your stunt!

  • Booboo runs then jumps high then does a cartwheel.

Isabella: I got ya! *Jumps and catches Booboo

The crowd claps hard and jumps

Alice: *Looks at judges stand and sees Marshall and AK, Wha?? Guys get off the stand!!

Marshall: No way!! 

Isabella: You guys are ruining our victory!!!

Booboo: I see some guy beating up AK.. *looks at judges stand

AK: They're trying to get your prize!!

Alice: OUR PRIZE??!! NA-UH!

Alice uses her magic to summon wind to blow the bad guys.

  • Isabella whispers to Alice and Booboo and gives each others grins.
  • Alice runs to the judges stand and summon wind again, then the robber was falling.

Booboo: YOU will NEVER steal my PRIZE!! *Kicks robber, and he went flying again.

Isabella: Hi. *Isabella moves out of the stadium and the guy falls . And goodbye.

  • Without knowing Fionna kicks the robber who was about to steal the trophy.

AK: *Punches the guy to the air, Marshall do it!

Marshall: *Kicks the guy while floating, HAHA!! Take that jerk!

When the judges are relieved they gave the trophy and medals.

Princess Bubblegum: With heroic bravery and intense fighting I reward these gold medals to our heroes Fionna, Marshall Lee, and AK1! *Gives the medals

Prince Gumball: Also to our loyal winners and heroes: Alice,Isabella and Booboo! *Gives the medals

Beemo: And this grand trophy! *Gives to Alice,Booboo and Isabella.

Alice,Booboo,Isabella: THANK YOU!!! YES!! GIVE US THE GLORY :DDD

Beemo: Who wants to play video games? :D


End (Hope you like it!)


  • This is the first episode Ember wrote.
  • Chloroform is a liquid used as a solvent to make people unconcious.
  • This is the first Cat Show Booboo and Isabella has entered on and won in.

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