Cake the cat is the genderswap of Jake. She appears in AT: The Wrath of Austin Belt with Fionna. Cake is a white cat with light brown coffee spots. She first appeared in "Adventure Time with Fionna and Cake", the second was AT: The Wrath of Austin Belt. Cake and Fionna were kidnapped by Duck on Quack but Cake was the only known escaper so far.


She doesn,t look much aside from Jake from their body proportions. She has white eyes in which the black pupils become circular is suprised, excited, shocked or scared. She has a cat muzzle and a small nose (compared to Jake's) , cat ears, white fur with many coffee colored spots, and a large bushy tail.


  • Cake's name is a play on Jake's name and also based on Natasha's cat, Pancake
  • Cake may know morse code in order to speak to Lord Monochromicorn, similar to how Jake knows Korean in order to speak to Lady Rainicorn.
  • Fionna has taught Cake to change form on command, including a "morningstar mode."
  • Cake plays a hammered dulcimer, as opposed to a viola.
  • A cat's fur does "friz out" if it is agitated or worried.