Brothers in arms


How Austin and coley.boyd became insane


Austin(code named Marco diablo)

Coley.boyd(code named ender(who gets the reference)

Dickie(code named slenderman)

Captain docker(code named the operator)

Doctor John Gerald Harry Kevin Dreyfus Louie dak daxel smith(code named the doctor. He is called doctor who when he says his full name)

Damien(code named the artist)

Minor charaters:

Two(working as a interrogator)

Candy guard

Mentioned charaters:

The shadow alliance

Silverbane/axl wolf/Alexis wolf

Princess bubblegum


  • as Austin is stuck in his prison room, two and seven other werewolf guards enter the prison but right before they get to Austin they are stopped by two candy guards

Candy guard:who sent you.

Two:the queen of England.

Candy guard:really

Two:(sarcastilvy) of course idiot. Actually silver and bubblegum. And the. Shadow alliance

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