A horrible rain storm prevents the gang from leaving Aaron's house, So they decide to crack open a few books to pass the time. After stumbling upon a blank book which Aaron does not recall owning, the gang decides to write in it, with dire consequences. Will they ever escape the massive horrorscape that is literature? 



Marshall Lee





~The scene opens in Aaron's library, where James helping Aaron to somehow activate his sacred golden book~

Aaron: *claps hands together* Alright, let's see if this works. You ready?

James: Of course. Why would you think i wouldn't be?

Aaron: ...I dont know just.... just activate the magic thingy, alright? *places hands over golden book*

James: Yeah, Gotcha *does some magic stuff on the book* 

  • intense ______ magic radiates from the book*
  • there is a knock on the door, and the pair's concentration breaks, thus breaking the spell*

James: Sorry, dude. :(

Aaron: It's fine. Could you get that, though? I'm gonna go put this back. 

James: *walking to the door* Waaaay, ahead of you, bro *opens door* 

Marshall, Alice, and Cat: SURPRISE!!


Marshall: No, no, we just came over to visit

Alice: Yeah, dude. We've uhm... we've never really seen your house before :\

Cat: so we decided to come on over and hang out with you ^^

James: Awesome!

  • Aaron phases from the floor infront of the trio*

Aaron: Yeah, that's fine. however: *initiate dramatic scene frame* A WARNINGGGGGG!! My home doesn't really house many methods of "fun" for people of your... uh..... *struggles to place a non-offensive name*....uhh.... behavioral stature. *eyes express a fake grin so as to remove the weight of the "insult"*

Alice: *leans over to marshall and whispers* What did he just say? 

Marshall: *whispers back* He said that he's sad because he doesnt have fun stuff in his house that we can use to hang out with him.

Alice: *whispers back* oh.

Cat: That Isn't what he said at all >~<

Aaron: Anywho, you all may enter *moves out of the way and gestures for the gang to come in*

  • The gang enters Aaron's house and Aaron walks them to his library*

Cat: Very artistic.... i like it! :)

Aaron: Why, thank you. However my true talents shine in my written works and literary collection, other than my artistic taste. 

Cat: Interesting. I'm more a fan of Art than literature myself, though

Aaron: As I've heard. 

Cat: Really? from where? =o

Aaron: I'd rather not reveal my sources. Here it is: My library! ~scene expands to reveal Aaron's entire library~

Marshall: *nods* nice, nice. 

Alice: So I guess that we should start hanging out, now. It's starting to rain outside :\ *points to the window, which is barely holding back a huge storm* 

James: How did.... How did none of us hear that coming? o.0

Aaron: Soundproof glass enchantment. As an artist I need the silence. 

Marshall: Well, what is there for us to do in order to wait out the storm?

Aaron: I have the perfect idea! 

  • initiate book finding montage* 

~Scene cuts to everyone in the den, reading in silence~

*Alice grows bored like Finn in "The real you"*

James: You bored, Alice?

Alice: yesssssssssss....

Cat: Yeah this is actually getting kinda boring :/

Marshall: OH, I have a really good idea. Hey, Aaron?

Aaron: *looks up from book* What is it that you request of me?

Marshall: Do you have any blank books that we can write in?

Aaron: Nnnnot that I could remember purchasing.... We could go check, though

Cat: Yeah, let's go see

*initiate shorter book finding montage, which ends in a bored search with no luck*

Alice: Aaaaaaaaron, why do you have to have SO. MANY. BOOKS. 

Aaron: ...-__-

Marshall: Hey, guys. Check out what I found *holds up a book-sized box with chain locks and the words "do not open" painted on it*

Aaron: 0.o I dont remember ever owning that

Cat: Well what are we waiting for, let's crack it open. 

*James cracks open the lock with magic and the chain falls to the floor*

Alice: Lemme see that *attempts to pry open the case, but fails* ow.. splinters.

Aaron: Here, allow me. ~pause~*Aaron examines the case, turning it about in his hands* *throws the case at the wall, breaking it open* 

Marshall: Couldn't you just have... like, phased the book out or something? 

Aaron: HA, no. I can't phase the state of objects other than myself. 

Marshall: Ah.

James: *picks up the book* ooookkkaaayyy, lets *opens the book and it triggers some weird ghost thing to come out and disappear* 0.o uhm... Guys I dont think this is a good idea. I'm getting some weird vibes from this thing. 

Alice: Relaaax, It's totally fine. *takes book from James* *sets book on desk and takes a quill pen from the ink well* Now lets just see here... 

Aaron: Whoa whoa whoa! *goes in between Alice and the book* What are you doing?

Alice: Writing in the.... Writing in the book? o.0

Aaron: nnnnnnnnnooooooooo *takes quill from her* :3

Cat: What do you mean, no?

Aaron: I think that we should let a TRUE writer handle this. *begins writing in book* 

Marshall: What'cha writing in there? *attempts to look over Aaron's shoulder* 

Aaron: *hides book from sight and continues writing* Hold on, I'll read it to you when I finish. Aaaaaaaand... Done. *Hands book to James* Getting any weird vibes from it now?

  • the book begins to glow green, then shift to red* 

Alice: What... What's happening? 

  • Shadows come out of the book and envelop the screen*


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