Beemo is part of the staff for AT: What Time Is It. She has two OCs Cathy the Artist and Todd and wrote (if you call it that) episode Tower of Terror with Marcelina (and etc.)


Beemo is usually easy going and laid back. She likes to tell jokes but they arn't funny. She can also be very sensitive is someone makes fun of her. She gets mad when someone is being a big poop. When she is mad, she goes SUPER SAYAN and her anger level is OVER 9000!!!! (bad joke fail lol)


Beemo has medium black hair with dark brown highlights. She sometimes wears purple framed glasses because she cant see far away that well. She usually wears anything she finds in her messy bedroom with purple convere shoes. Beemo has a Jake hat that is so cool she makes the cops jellious of her.


  • Adventure Time
  • Regular Show
  • People who like me
  • Ice Cream
  • No Homework
  • Drawing
  • Food
  • Memes that are funny
  • T shirts
  • Skinny Jeans
  • Being random
  • Turtles
  • Going on adventures in Walmart
  • Scareing the poop out of people


  • Many bugs (sorry but they scare me)
  • When i'm trying to catch something but I don't. Man I hate that.
  • Competitive Sports
  • Boring lectures
  • Haters
  • Sea Cucumbers
  • Too much perfume
  • The perfume department
  • Dead bugs (they scare me too)
  • Old woman that are very cranky
  • Old men that are very cranky
  • People who can't take jokes
  • Mary Sue characters. Man I hate them with a burning passion.
  • When I forget to bring my 3DS and I want to draw. I hate that



" I'll totally eat you alive if you say that one more time. "

" Hello All. " stolen from Saber >:D

" My name is Johnsmithwhosinheimer. "


Yes, I'm very random.


  • Her name is Cathy (aka Cat)
  • She had a pet turtle named Tomato (her aunt stole him and renamed him John)
  • She wants to get another Turtle and name him/her Tomato (to-mA-to)
  • She likes to write stories

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