Welcome to the Adventure Time Video Network Wiki, please read the following rules before creating Ny pages or such.

Da Rulez

  • Thats our #1 rule^^^^
  • Dont curse about people or their imaginations. We dont mind much if you curse regularly (unless you do it ALOT) though
  • Ask admins for any help if needed
  • If you create a page without permission, it will be deleted and you'll get a warning
  • NEVER sock puppet, we will hunt you down and eat you alive!
  • All character pages must be legit, or it will be edited by an administrator
  • Dont judge other user's characters, episodes, or ideas.
  • HAVE FUN!!!!!!

Notes, other info

  • We are not as strict as AT Wiki ;)
  • We always accept artists, animators (that we do not have), storyboarders, and such.
  • Ask our great founder, Marshall Lee the Vampire King for other information and help if admins can't answer.
  • once again, HAVE FUN!!!!

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