Aaron Zellesh

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Aaron (full name: Aaron Zellesh) is a phantom that often takes on Finn's form in Ooo, and Fionna's form in Aaa, in order to cause trouble. He lives in a residence in a special part of the Nightosphere. When he exits/enters the Nightosphere, a chilled wind is felt throughout all of the land. As a phantom, he can impersonate others, fly, control the minds of and possess others. He can also phase through solid surfaces and become two-dimensional to stick to walls and behave as if he were a shadow. Aaron cannot speak, and instead talks to foes and allies via telepathy. He can however show forms of facial expressions, and is also able to absorb anything into the area where his mouth would be, but he does not absorb substances often. He has also taken a liking to the game "Card Wars", and plays the game with a card set that he himself created, which is known as the "Nature" element.


No one has ever seen Aaron in his true form, and have therefore assumed he has no true form. However, he can take on many but not all appearances. The most common of these being a sort of "shadow Finn" when in Ooo, and a "shadow Fionna" when in Aaa. He can also flatten himself into a two dimensional state in order to stick to background surfaces such as walls, ceilings, and floors. He has bright green eyes and a bright green outline, much like a Lub glub. He does not have any form of a visible mouth. Surrounding him are bright green floating symbols. The symbols appear to be on fire.
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Aaron was created as a result of the Lich king's spirit leaving its body. Since there was no spirit in its shell, Aaron came out of the Lich's well and moved into His body. The bones decomposed over time, revealing a dark shadow, with burningly bright green eyes. He traveled Ooo and Aaa for some time, and upon hearing about Finn and Fionna's good deeds, decided to impersonate them and cause a lot of unfortunate events.


Aaron's personality, much like his appearance, is rather darkened. However, he does have sympathy for some things, and can feel sadness, in some form or another. He is very quick to anger, and people that only wish to initiate a simple conversation often disappear forever, by some unkown cause, possibly one of Aaron's abilities.


  • Can exit/enter the nightosphere without preforming the nightosphere ritual
  • Can impersonate others
  • Can fly
  • Can control the minds of others
  • Can posess others physical forms
  • Can use telepathic forms of communication
  • Can phase through solid surfaces
  • Can become "two-dimensional"
  • Can use "demon magic"


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Molly- Molly likes him, but it's not so mutual, he's conflicted on if he likes her

Favorite things

Favorite Food item: (undetermined, Aaron has never been seen eating)

Favorite Emotion: Hate

Favorite color spectrum: Black and Green, Black and Red, Black and Electric Blue, Black and Orange

Favorite nonhuman being: Himself

Allies: (again with the relationships)

Rivals: (again with the relationships)


Entry I: Apr. 30th

Today I purchased a new book from an aging goose, who claimed to sell me anything as long as I gave him an old poem that I had absorbed. I had no use for it, so I gave it to um... him? Yes, so after i gave him the poem, he offered me several items for which he told me I must choose from. These items included an antique book with a leather strap and belt to lock it, a stack of rectagular green paper, i overheard him calling it "money", and n iron hammer. So, i chose this dusty antique book, which i brought home and absorbed all the words. So now I am writing in it! So I will be putting entries into.... you? (yeah i dont know what to call this book other than log, at least until i observe more of these new "common words"). So I will be keeping Log entries in this book.

Entry II: Jun. 3rd

Today i left my home once more to contemplate my ways of exacting my revenge against the unintelligent human named "Finn" who did not help me when i requested it. Hmm... perhaps his greatest strength is his greatest weakness? I must continue my studies of him on order to find out i'm afraid. Speaking of, the observations go well, though i probably should observe him when he is awake instead of sleeping, though i do not know of a proper disguise. Perhaps i can blend into the shaded areas of mine and his surroundings? Yes I feel that that may be the correct thing to do. Well, i bid you farewell log, so that I may continue my observations with these new additions i must make.

Entry III: Jun. 8th

Today I had my 46th confrontation with the human child "Finn". He seemed to finally know how to return me to the NIghtosphere by utilizing the abilities of a strange yellow liquid, which unfortunately stained my obsidian planked floors before i could clean it out. So that's interesting. I also learned of a new location in this strange land. It is apparently some forest that uses tree roots to form structures and whatnot. So i may give it a visit, maybe posess some new forms, experiment with these "root.....uh.... things". Yeah i will visit it tomorrow. Farewell log!

Entry IV: Jun. 27th

Greetins, log! I apolagize for not being able to make any entries in a while, i have been contmplating more ideas on my plans to destroy the human boy Finn, and i have finally come up with one that will give me the most fun in doing so. I have decided to travel to the loch of phantoms to raise an army to overpower any opponent i may come across. the shall inhabit the bodies of commonfolk and objects to observe the land "peacefully", unitl I have determined a correct time to strike! until then, farewell log.

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Entry VI:

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Trivia (Aaron Zellesh)

  • Is a Phantom
  • Has lived as a physical being for 14 years, and has lived for 1,000 years as essence
  • Has been in (1) story related episodes, including: The Phantom Returns,
  • Has been in (2) unrelated episodes, including: Love Hurts part 1, Shards of Home Part 1,
  • Cannot be touched (literally, hands will phase through him)
  • Has no relatives
  • does not wear clothing
  • Has similar looks to Scorcher
  • Strikingly resembles Finn in his shadow costume in "Princess Cookie"
  • Has taken a liking to the game "Card Wars"
  • Kissed Molly at marshall's birthday party while playing "spin the bottle"

Aaron's Army (warning: this is fantasy and may not be featured)

Upon learning of the loch of phanotms, Aaron devised a plan to take over both Ooo and Aaa by raising an army taht was powerful enough to do so. Aaron traveled to the loch, and activated the mirrors. by doing so, he was able to mass produce cloned phanotms that swore to carry out his will. He trained his troops, and classified them based on their level of training. he then dispatched them all over Ooo and Aaa, and told them to perform the specific tasks that they were assigned to. here is a list of the known breeds of phanotm, and information on those different variations:


Watchers is the nickname given to phantoms that Aaron distributed to posess or take on the forms of crows, scarecrows, rocks, and other objects to watch ever happening closely. Watchers mostly take on the form of crows and scarecrows. When in normal form, watchers are phantoms that resemble Aaron. they are cunning and sly, and move quickly, making them very hard to catch.